Secure Your Teeth With Fewer Implants

All-on-4 is named after the number of implants put in your jaw to secure an entire arch of new teeth. It’s an advanced technique that is much easier and less invasive than other options. Your dentist works with a specialist who will place the implants. Then, you’ll return here to receive your customized new teeth.

Since only four implants are needed, All-on-4 typically means you won’t need a bone graft or other surgery to make your jawbone stronger. Your dentist will help you understand what to expect during the procedure.

You’ll find that this simple technique has several benefits:

  • Faster Results – Since only four implants are being placed, the whole process is much quicker. You’ll be enjoying your new smile sooner.
  • Quicker Healing – With fewer implants, you’ll heal much faster. It won’t be long until you can enjoy all the crunchy and chewy foods you’ve been missing.
  • Stronger Jawbone – The implants connect to your jawbone much like your own natural tooth roots. This stops the bone in the area from getting weaker. Your jaw will remain strong and fully functional.
  • Simple Upkeep – To take care of your new teeth, you just brush and floss like normal. You don’t need any special cleaning supplies to keep your new teeth in good shape.

There’s no reason to feel nervous about your procedure. When restoring your smile at our office, you can relax with sedation. Pillows and blankets are available to make you feel at home.

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