Keep Your Mouth Healthy With a Tooth Extraction

Your dentist uses a variety of methods to save a damaged or infected tooth. Dr. Smith might suggest fillings, crowns, or root canal treatments, depending on what’s going on with your smile. However, sometimes an infected tooth can harm other healthy teeth and gums. That’s when it’s necessary to remove a tooth to keep your mouth healthy.

If you need to have a tooth removed, our team will make your experience as comfortable as possible. You can relax with gentle laughing gas if you need to reduce your anxiety.

After your tooth removal, your dentist will review your replacement options:

  • Implant Crown – Your dentist can place an implant in your jaw to provide a strong foundation for a new crown. You can bite and chew like normal again.
  • Dental Bridge – A bridge will close the gap between your teeth. A traditional bridge can anchor to nearby teeth.
  • Implant Bridge – An implant-bridge combination means you won’t have to use healthy teeth to support the restoration. You can eat more of the foods you love and take care of the tooth normally.

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