Get the Smile You Want With Invisalign

Whether you are an adult or teen, you’ll love the benefits that come with Invisalign. However, some smiles will benefit more from traditional braces. Your dentist, Dr. Smith, will ensure this popular orthodontic method is the right one for you. He has years of experience straightening smiles and is a Silver-level Invisalign provider, so you can trust his expertise. He’ll take scans of your teeth and images with an intraoral camera. This helps him determine if these clear aligners will work for your needs. Even if you find braces are more suitable, he’ll ensure you’ll love the results of treatment.

However, there are numerous advantages to Invisalign when compared to braces:

  • Easier to Wear – You won’t feel bothered by brackets or wires. Instead, the smooth but durable plastic will gently move your teeth into their correct places. You’ll only feel a slight pressure.
  • Barely Visible – Unlike braces, your aligners will blend in with your smile. They are made of a smooth, clear plastic. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them.
  • Suitable to Your Lifestyle – You can take off your aligners for meals. You don’t have to avoid any foods. It’s also easier to keep your teeth clean. You’ll have less of an adjustment to make to your day-to-day routines.
  • Faster Results – If wear your Invisalign aligners for the suggested 22 hours a day, you can finish treatment faster than with braces. You can typically see results in 12 to 18 months instead of waiting several years.
  • Smile Preview – Before you even start, you can see the outcome. Dr. Smith will use Invisalign’s preview technology to show you the results of your Invisalign treatment. You’ll know exactly what to expect.

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