Help Your Family Have Healthy Smiles for Life

You’ll want to begin good oral care habits when your child is young. That includes bringing them to the dentist for regular checkups. These visits can help them avoid problems with their baby teeth and their future adult teeth. Stopping infections and preventing early tooth loss gives them the best chance of having a healthy, nice-looking smile when they’re older. Plus, your dentist can also refer you and your child to a pediatric dentist if specific needs arise that require more complex care.

Our team takes things slowly during your child’s first visit to make sure they feel comfortable. They can even come along when you come in for your own dental visits. Your little one will enjoy meeting with our team and becoming familiar with our office. Once your child is ready for checkups, they’ll feel completely at ease.

All ages, including adults, will benefit from our treatments. You’ll find:

  • General Dental Care Regular checkups will prevent oral health problems. You will also find solutions for dry mouth, gum disease, and bad breath. You can get a custom-made sports mouthguard or night guards if you grind your teeth.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Make your smile look better with treatments like teeth whitening, veneers, tooth bonding, or a complete smile makeover. You can also get Botox treatments to eliminate signs of aging.
  • Restorative Dentistry – Fix dental damage or infections with solutions like fillings, crowns, bridges, or root canals. You’ll have your healthy smile back!
  • Orthodontics Adults and teens can correct alignment problems with either braces or Invisalign. Your child can also avoid issues with our preventive options.
  • Emergency Dental Care – You can find help for urgent dental problems. We try to schedule you on the same day you call whenever we can.
  • TMJ Treatment Protect your teeth and let your jaw heal with our TMJ disorder solutions, including custom oral appliances and Botox treatments.

Call 281-973-6977 to meet with your family dentist in Kingwood. You can also ​​schedule online.