Get Your Smile Back Faster With Smaller Implants

If you need to replace one or several teeth, you want them as secure and strong as possible. Both regular dental implants and mini dental implants create a strong foundation for your smile. Mini implants offer unique benefits over regular implants:

  • Quick Procedure – Placing mini implants is much faster than with full-sized implants. You’ll enjoy your new teeth much sooner as a result.
  • Faster Healing – Since mini implants are obviously smaller, they aren’t as traumatic to place. As a result, your jaw will heal quicker after they are placed.
  • Less Expensive – Mini implants won’t require you to spend as much money on your new smile. You still gain many of the same benefits, like stronger chewing power and more secure restorations.

Mini Implants Will Give You a Stronger Bite

These smaller-sized implants can pair with any number of restorations:

  • Single Tooth Replacement – If you need a crown to replace a single missing tooth, mini implants function similarly to regular implants to hold it in place.
  • Multiple Tooth Replacement – If you’re missing a few teeth in a row, mini implants can support a bridge. You’ll gain a natural-looking and functional replacement.
  • Full Arch Solutions – If you need to replace all your teeth, your dentist can refer you to a trusted specialist. They will secure an entire arch of teeth to these smaller posts.

For your procedure in our office, we have sedation to help you relax. Laughing gas will take the edge off. Plus, we have comfort items like pillows and blankets to help you feel at ease.

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