Save Your Smile by Treating Your Tooth Infection

When an infection reaches the inside of your tooth, you need root canal treatment to restore your smile. This procedure will help you avoid having your tooth extracted and ensure that your tooth stays healthy. Our team will help you feel comfortable and stress-free during the entire experience. Here’s how we make your treatment easy and relaxed:

  • Advanced Technology – Dr. Smith uses the latest technology, such as digital X-rays and intraoral cameras, to plan your procedure. This ensures he thoroughly removes the infection and precisely restores your smile.
  • Soothing Sedation – You can choose to have sedation, if you’d like. It can help you feel calm and less anxious during the procedure. Laughing gas wears off quickly, so you’ll feel back to normal soon after your appointment is done.
  • Comforting Amenities – We offer cozy blankets and soft pillows to make your visit more pleasant. You are welcome to bring along headphones and music if you want to block out the sounds of our equipment.

After your dentist performs your root canal, he will cap your tooth with a beautiful crown. This will ensure your tooth regains full oral function. You’ll have a healthy smile you can love again. If your infection is more complex, Dr. Smith may refer you to a root canal specialist, known as an endodontist, for the most ideal results from your care.

Call 281-973-6977 for root canals in Kingwood. You can also schedule online.